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Mr Hypno's, Magic Mindset Mechanism Tools


The "Power Stone" Method

Learn an amazing technique not for "predicting" the future, but for creating your amazing future using the power of the subconscious mind.

This is a powerfully hypnotic visualization technique, where you imagine yourself within a protective crystal ball sphere. It is a profound tool for connecting with your subconscious mind. By creating a space where you can see out but others cannot see in, you establish a safe and controlled environment that facilitates deep introspection and mental management. This unique method empowers you to directly interact with various aspects of your life through a conceptual control board, adjusting emotions, energies, and your overall psychological state. It's designed to not only protect but also empower you to make your dreams and goals a reality by actively engaging with and directing your subconscious mind. This approach harnesses the power of visualization to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, turning abstract desires into achievable realities.

How to do it...

Find a space where you can relax and focus.

1. Preparation and Grounding: Before entering your visualization, spend a few minutes grounding yourself. This can be done through deep breathing exercises or a brief meditation to clear your mind of distractions. This grounding helps to solidify your connection to the present moment, ensuring your visualization is vivid and focused. Think about what you want to accomplish in this session.

2. Entering the Sphere: Look at the crystal ball then take a deep breath in and close your eyes as you exhale. Breathe naturally and relax.  Imagine the crystal ball in your mind as growing and growing until it is large enough to surround you. As you visualize stepping into the crystal ball sphere, imagine it materializing around you, forming a clear, protective barrier. Feel the safety and control this space offers. This sphere shields you from external influences, allowing you to focus inwardly without interruption.

3. Interacting with the Control Board: Once inside, approach your control board. Each knob, switch, and lever is clearly labeled with aspects of your life, such as energy, vitality, pain, or sadness. Take a moment to assess which areas feel unbalanced or require attention. Adjust these controls mindfully, visualizing the effects each adjustment has on your emotions and physical sensations.

4. Using the Video Screen: Turn on the video screen to begin visual interactions with influential figures, whether they are historical figures, mentors, or imagined guides. Prepare specific questions or topics you wish to explore with them. This interaction can provide new insights, inspiration, or advice tailored to the needs you have identified on your control board.

5. Reflection and Closure: After you have made the necessary adjustments and concluded your consultations on the video screen, take a few moments to reflect on the changes you have enacted and the advice received. Feel the adjustments taking effect, reinforcing your desired changes. Gradually allow the visualization of the sphere to fade, bringing the sense of control and empowerment back with you as you return to full awareness.

This method serves not only as a protective visualization but also as a proactive way to manage your mental state, adjust your emotional responses, and engage with your subconscious to seek guidance and insight. It’s a powerful technique that blends imagination with practical applications to achieve personal growth and well-being.

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